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The Most Affordable Drug and Alcohol Rehab clinics in the UK

We have Alcohol Rehab Clinics across the UK. We are amongst the most affordable 25% of alcohol rehab centres in the UK. 

Tired of the same old non-effective treatment plans offered by local alcohol detox centres?  The first step on the road to recovery begins by choosing a professional Alcohol Rehab clinic that offers 24 hour support to all of its residents.  Finding an Alcohol Rehab clinic that makes your withdrawal from drink as comfortable as possible will be crucial to your Recovery Programme.  The level of support does tend to vary from one clinic to another and not every alcohol rehab centre offers a wide range of options to their clients. Tel 0845 3881 543 for free confidential help and advice. We always have a trained member of staff on the end of the line so you will never be put through to an answering machine. When choosing your Alcohol Rehab center a number of questions will be on your mind.  With a little research youíll find the ideal clinic thatís perfect for your recovery schedule.

What to look for

You have to feel comfortable with your Alcohol Rehab center.  Youíre paying for the treatment and staying on a residential basis so you need to feel happy with your surroundings.  Look at the success rate of the Alcohol Rehab clinic. Can they provide you with facts and figures that show how successful their programmes are?  What types of treatment are offered for alcohol detox, does the Alcohol Rehab involve a set structure, or can it be tailored to your needs?  The most effective Alcohol Rehab centers include a number of services offering a mix of medically supervised detox, group and individual sessions, along with a host of complimentary therapies. More details of our drug and alcohol rehab centres, go to   


Make positive changes

Your journey to recovery starts at an Alcohol Rehab clinic that offers a range of alcohol detox programmes including 7 day, 5 week or 12 week schedules. There are plenty of options available and in the first instance itís advisable to ring the Alcohol Rehab center for an in-depth chat about the programmes that are available.  Remember, everyone has different needs for Alcohol Rehab and youíll be no exception.  Work with the alcohol rehab center and theyíll devise a bespoke package thatís designed to make your withdrawal as smooth as possible.  Positive changes for the better are achievable with highly effective Alcohol Rehab. Drug rehab can often be disappointing and expensive, and you want to ensure that you get the best service available. At we have the best drug rehab and alcohol detox facilities.

Get clean and stay clean with an effective Drug Rehab programme

Been let down by Drug Rehab programmes in the past?  Paid a great deal of money for pricey drug rehab only to find the results fell way short of the mark?  The problem with some Drug Rehab centers is they talk the talk but donít walk the walk.  They offer a limited range of facilities and fail to provide tailored Drug Rehab or alcohol detox programmes for paying residents.  Want to feel the difference with a proven Drug Rehab center that offers affordable drug and alcohol rehabilitation? Address your addiction at one of the UKís leading drug and alcohol rehab centers that offers the best Drug rehab services in the country.

Dealing with your addiction

Youíve already taken the first positive steps to tackling your addiction by addressing the need for Drug Rehab.  The next step is to contact the professional Drug Rehab center to discuss your individual needs. You might decide a 7 day stay at the drug rehab center is perfect for your needs or consider that the best way to deal with your habit is with a prolonged 12 week Drug Rehab programme followed by 12 weeks secondary care . Talk through the various options that are available for Drug Rehab at the professional clinic that offers the finest alcohol detox facilities.  Under the guidance of experienced Drug rehab therapists youíll take positive steps to becoming a better you.

Think of the future

Imagine how different your life could be if you took part in a successful Drug Rehab programme.  Free from the drugs youíll be healthier and happier, and the road to recovery begins at a Drug Rehab centre.  Pay for a private room and take part in one-to-one sessions with therapists, enjoy group therapy, and meet people like you, who want to be free from their addiction with a proven Drug Rehab schedule. People take part in Drug Rehab and alcohol detox programmes to improve the quality of their life.  Become one of the success stories with a Drug rehab package thatís tailored with your individual circumstances in mind. Cost-effective drug rehab will help you to beat your addiction.      

If you are looking for an alcohol rehab programme but do not have any funds available, please see our self help section

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